Ethanol: A Perfect Blend of Higher Octane and Lower Emissions

We Ensure Quality by Blending our Ethanol Fuel In-House 

Waterford is proud to process, sell and transport ethanol for retail service stations and commercial use alike. In addition to helping the environment, ethanol helps reduce reliance on oil imports while supporting American farmers.

When mixed properly with unleaded petroleum fuel, ethanol increases octane levels, decreases exhaust emissions, and extends the supply of gasoline. Produced by fermenting corn or other similar biomass material, ethanol blends represent the highest volume of alternative fuel in use today.

E-10 (10% ethanol/90% gasoline), our most popular blend, is approved by virtually all automotive manufacturer warranties. Depending on engine requirements and specifications, we also formulate blends up to 85% ethanol or E-85 for flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) and equipment.

Waterford provides logistics for ethanol plants including over-the-road hauling to terminals. Please visit Logistics or contact us for more information. 

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