Chemicals & Cleaners

Keeping it Clean with Automotive Chemicals & Cleaners


Waterford distributes the below products throughout our Midwestern regional service area:

Brake Cleaner

Powerful blasting spray removes brake dust and fluid, oily dirt, grease, and other organic contaminants from linings, pads and drum, cylinders, and springs without disassembly.

  • Safe for use on metal, plastic, glass, etc. Will not harm painted surfaces.
  • Special Proponal additive makes it outperform straight Hexane-based competitive products.

Please contact a Waterford sales representative for additional information.


Super Clean

 Tough Task Cleaner Degreaser – Biodegradable and Phosphate FreeSuper Clean

The perfect industrial strength solution for cleaning and degreasing service stations, truck terminals, warehouses, and garages for cleaning up oil, diesel fuel, road grime, spills, and heavy grease stains.

  • Dissolves grease on contact and quickly removes grime, oil, tar, wax
  • Available in 32 oz, 1 Gal, 2.5 Gal, 5 Gal, 30 Gal and 55 Gal sizes.
  • 4 different dilution settings for a variety of cleaning needs: Industrial strength 1:1, Heavy duty 1:3, Medium duty 1:8, Light duty 1:16

Please contact a Waterford sales representative for additional information.


High & Low Flash Point Solvents

Waterford offers High Flash 142 Solvent and Low Flash 100 Solvent (Mineral Spirits NE). Please inquire for your specific application.

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