Fuel Service

Your Reliable Bulk GASOLINE, DIESEL, and BIOFUEL Distributor

Waterford has staked out a unique position as a commercial fuel supplier in two very important areas to provide the highest quality petroleum products at competitive pricing. Click image below to see service area.

We Have Taken Supply into Our Own Hands, Which has Given Us a Competitive Advantage

This benefits retailers, re-sellers and end users in three major areas:

  1. Consistent high quality across all batches
  2. Production of perfectly-controlled custom and mass production fuel blends
  3. Use of high performance additive packages for improved engine performance

We Underwrite Our Own Contracts

What does this mean for our customers?

  1. Lower fuel prices
  2. Guaranteed delivery at contracted rates over time
  3. Better service through direct contact with top management

Clients across the Midwest appreciate our prompt shipments of high quality, closely-tracked fuels. Please inquire for service in an expanding service area that now includes the states of:

  • Arkansas
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin

Waterford Map Fuel Service

Tank diesel biofuel delivery


Wholesale and Commercial Gasoline Delivery

Waterford delivers proprietary and unbranded fuel to industrial and retail operations on a daily basis. From straight blends to bio- and renewable blends, our team of engineers, technicians, and drivers run the supply chain like clockwork to keep you supplied with fresh fuel.

Popular Grades Include:Fuel diesel biofuel delivery

  • Regular (87 Octane): for most gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks
  • Plus (89 Octane): For engines that require higher octane levels to prevent knock
  • Premium (91-93 Octane): for high compression engines where manufacture specifies high octane levels

Please ask your Waterford Oil customer service representative for more information on our specialty fuel blends.


Supplier of Premium and Winterized Diesel Fuel

Diesel gasoline deliveryFrom rolling along scorching pavement to weathering artic winds, you need diesel fuel blended for optimal performance under any condition. Our diesel fuels contain a precision-formulated additive package with the proper levels of cleaning agents, cetane boosters, and cold flow anti-gel for any environment. Look to Waterford for both on and off-road vehicle Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel. Waterford Premium Diesel fuels meet or exceed federal and state fuel regulations and can be used in all vehicles that run on traditional diesel fuel, including next-generation ultra-clean diesel engines.

We are proud to use Top Tier detergents, the premier standard for gasoline performance.

Presenting two high-performance, proprietary diesel fuels:

TITAN PREMIUM DIESEL FUEL — This premium product keeps diesel engines running clean and operating efficiently for peak on- and off-road performance. Titan Premium Diesel Fuel is specially formulated with additives that provide optimal lubrication, cleaning, and emissions performance to maximize mileage. Titan Premium Diesel Fuel also helps prevent corrosion and inhibit rust to help extend equipment life. For full list of benefits please see product data sheet.

TITAN COLD-FLO DIESEL FUEL — This diesel fuel blend features all of the benefits of Titan Premium Diesel Fuel with added extreme cold weather protection. Titan Cold-Flo Diesel Fuel includes a combination of wax anti-settling additives (WASA) and cold flow improvers with de-icer to help fuel flow and prevent fuel filter plugging in frigid conditions. Please inquire for custom blends for optimal performance in various levels of sub-zero temperatures. For full list of benefits please see product data sheet.

>Visit TITAN DIESEL FUELS page for additional information.


Supplier of Biofuels for Cars, Trucks, and Generators

As a forward thinking biofuel energy company, Waterford Oil offers alternative fuels that prove cost effective while performing at optimal levels. There are several performance, economic, and environmental advantages to biofuels from lowering emissions to creating jobs in our region. The demand for renewable biofuels is rising and with the increase in production, prices are becoming cost-effective for consumer and commercial use.

Waterford Offers Two Categories of BIOFUELS Processing and Delivery, please click below:


Contact us at 507-645-5659 or click here to discuss how Waterford Oil Company can meet your retail, commercial, or on-site fuel service needs.