Risk Management

Ironclad Risk Management

Minimizing Fuel Supply Chain Risk with Flexible Solutions

Waterford Oil possesses the unique ability to originate, underwrite, and facilitate the entire process of our energy supply. Our expert in-house traders, centrally-headquartered in our Kansas trading office, source product throughout the entire Midwest, North Central, South Central and Gulf Coast United States. Due to our extensive geographical footprint, we are able to minimize any supply concerns and offer the most competitive contracts in the region.

Serving petroleum, ethanol, and propane marketers, retailers, and commercial/industrial end-users, Waterford maintains back-to-back positions on our fixed forward contracts, so you can rely on our risk management solutions to manage any exposure to commodity price fluctuations.

With our fixed forward and trigger-based contracts, customers can expect protection from spot price increases, real-time online pricing updates and in-house consultation regarding the content and execution of all contracts.

 Benefits of Waterford Fixed Forward & Trigger-Based Contracts:

  • Customizable contracts to cover complete or partial fuel requirements
  • Flexible length contracts available for most refined fuels and propane terminals throughout the Midwest
  • Guaranteed future fuel supplies at guaranteed prices for limited exposure to volatile price swings
  • Multi-terminal contracts allow single contracts through multiple supply points
  • Propane contracts cover prepay, carry, and strips
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