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Biodiesel Blends for Lower Emissions

Waterford works closely with suppliers of advanced biomass-based diesel fuels for on- and off-road use. Our biodiesel blends meet strict specifications and enhance the advantages of diesel by reducing vehicle emissions and sulfur, improving the lubricity and raising the cetane number.

Our biodiesel blends such as B5 (5% biodiesel/95% diesel), B10 (10% biodiesel/90% diesel), and B20 (20% biodiesel/80% diesel) contain a high performance additive package that keeps engines running smooth and strong in any weather condition.

As a wholesale supplier of biodiesel to fuel retailers and commercial end users, we proudly offer clean-burning, renewable alternative fuels for many reasons:

  • Provides a non-fossil fuel alternative for individuals and companies that want to “go green”
  • Advancement of the nation’s energy security and diversity
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support of U.S. agriculture and rural economies
  • Creation of U.S. jobs in the emerging energy sector

According to the National Biodiesel Board, B20 fuel reduces emissions of hydrocarbons by 20% and carbon monoxide and particulate emissions by 12%. It also reduces sulfur on average by 20%. On the performance side, biodiesel offers a higher cetane level and lubricity, which can keep the engine cooler and quieter as well as extend the life of the fuel injection system.*

From tractor-trailers to personal automobiles to farm equipment, virtually all diesel engines can run on biodiesel blended fuel. By offering or fueling up with biodiesel, you can take pride in helping the domestic economy by keeping energy dollars at home and supporting U.S. labor. Additionally you will be chipping in to help improve the environment and public health.

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