Powering Businesses with Propane Gas

A Distributor of Bulk Propane that You Can Trust

As a growing and trusted propane provider, Waterford Oil provides businesses of all sizes with dependable and affordable service. We safely deliver propane to businesses and resellers throughout the Central U.S. including Minnesota, Northern Iowa, the Eastern Dakotas, and Western Wisconsin. No matter the weather, you can count on Waterford for timely service.

Business Use of Propane is on the Rise

Propane fuel offers companies a clean, cost-effective source of energy. Nearly all of the U.S. propane supply is produced domestically making it a reliable, secure resource to power American business. As an approved, alternative clean fuel listed in the Clean Air and National Energy Policy Acts, its environmental benefits are widely recognized.

In addition to energy cost savings, business owners may also benefit from tax rebates realized from switching to energy-efficient propane equipment. According to the National Propane Gas Association, more than 2 million commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses use propane primarily the same way homeowners do — heating and cooling air and water. In business propane presents many additional uses such as refrigeration, manufacturing, and powering specialized equipment.*

Become an Authorized Propane Reseller

Waterford propane offers retailers such as service stations and landscaping supply stores a new profit center that can impact the bottom line. As an authorized propane reseller, companies can dispense propane for a variety of uses including grilling, generators, and propane-powered vehicles.

* Source for info in the top two paragraphs: National Propane Gas Association

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