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Waterford Oil makes it even more advantageous to use propane for your home or business. That’s because we’re committed to providing industry-leading end-to-end service across the entire fuel life cycle. From the delivery and installation, to smart fueling tips, you get products and solutions that take the worry and guesswork out of powering your operations. 


New! TITAN Antifreeze & Coolants

Waterford Oil Company is now offering premium antifreezes for both automotive and heavy duty vehicles under the TITAN™ brand.

TITAN Antifreeze & Coolant Prediluted 50/50 is an antifreeze/coolant formulated with a borate-based inhibitor additive package, including nitrite, for superior protection against liner pitting, corrosion, and scale formation.  READ MORE.

TITAN Universal Antifreeze & Coolant Prediluted 50/50 is an extended life, advanced OAT (organic acid technology) antifreeze/coolant that is compatible in all automobiles and light duty trucks including American, Asian, and European vehicles. It provides maximum temperature control and protection against rust and corrosion in engine cooling systemsREAD MORE.

TITAN HD Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant Prediluted 50/50 is an advanced OAT (organic acid technology) antifreeze/coolant formulated with a premium additive package including proven nitrite and molybdate technology. It is suitable for use in most heavy duty applications and provides maximum protection against rust and corrosion in engine cooling systems. READ MORE.

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NEW! TITAN Premium Diesel Fuels

TITAN Premium and Winterized Diesel Fuel by Waterford Oil

TITAN diesel fuels are blended for optimal performance under any condition. Our diesel fuels contain a precision-formulated additive package with the proper levels of cleaning agents, cetane boosters, and cold flow anti-gel for any environment. Waterford Premium Diesel fuels:

  • Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel
  • Can be used in all vehicles that run on traditional diesel fuel, including
    next-generation ultra-clean diesel engines.
  • Meets or exceed federal and state fuel regulations
  • Formulated with Top Tier detergents, the premier standard for gasoline performance.

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For more information on TITAN Diesel Exhaust Fluid CLICK HERE.

Minnoco Bulk Oil Savings Program

MSSA and Waterford Oil Company are proud to announce the new Minnoco Bulk Oil Savings Program.

MSSA Members Receive a Bi-Annual  25¢/GAL REBATE

Minnoco is now offering a full line of premium lubricants for both  automotive and heavy duty vehicles. Minnoco full synthetic and synthetic blend passenger car motor oils are formulated with an advanced additive package and premium base oils for maintaining and prolonging the life of engines in gasoline-fueled and flex-fueled vehicles. They are licensed to meet or exceed API SN-RC (Resource Conserving) and ILSAC GF-5  quality standards.

For more information visit www.mnssa.com or www.minnoco.com or Contact Brian Lynch at Waterford Oil Ph: 507-645-5659 brian.lynch@waterfordoil.com Fax to MSSA office, 651-487-2447 or email to admin@mnssa.com


For more information on Minnoco Products CLICK HERE.

New Report on E15

Article in Ethanol Producer Magazine, April 6, 2016

Growth Energy: More than 150 million miles driven on E15

By Growth Energy | April 06, 2016

An important milestone for higher ethanol fuel blends was reached recently. Major gasoline retailers working with Growth Energy have reported that over the past 12 months, using the U.S. average gas mileage of 20 miles-per-gallon, consumers have surpassed 150 million miles using E15 without any negative effects.

NASCAR has trusted E15 for over five years and 8 million miles of racing because it burns cleaner, cooler and increases octane, which improves engine performance. We’re now seeing consumers choosing it for the same reasons. Retailers including Sheetz, Kum & Go, MAPCO, Minnoco, Murphy USA and Protec have responded to consumer demand for lower cost and higher performing fuel by adding E15 at their pumps and, their choice is paying off.

“I have been using E15 for the last three years at Minnoco and have noticed no mileage loss, better engine performance and great savings at the pump,” said Mark….


For information on Waterford Oil ethanol products CLICK HERE.